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Extra Equipment

Our vehicles are equipped with high-speed 4G LTE Wifi connections. Ask the password to the

driver and start browsing freely, without limits, for free.

Every vehicle is also equipped with a tablet connected to the internet with which you’ll be

able to browse freely and to be up-to-date even while moving.

In our cars, you’ll find also free bottles of water, candies and newspaper.

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Baby Car Seats

Putting safety first is a key part of having a relaxing trip, that’s why you should carefully choose the

right child safety seat for your children.

When you are booking your rental car with driver, don’t forget to tell us that you’re travelling with

your kids! We won’t charge anything for the child safety seat, but as every seat is designed for a

specific age and weight, we will need some information about the children travelling with you.


Child safety seat specifics


Child safety seats are divided into groups based on the child’s weight


  • Group 0:
 Children weighing less than 10 kg
  • Group 0+:
 Children weighing less than 13 kg
  • Group 1:
 Children weighing less than 9 and 18 kg
  • Group 2:
 Children weighing between 15 and 20 kg
  • Group 3:
 Children weighing between 22 and 36 kg


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